Well, things started pretty well.  We walked to Camp Nou, home of the famous Barcelona football team.  Took a few touristy shots and heaGary at Camp Nou.jpgded back home so Mary could attend Mass.

While she was at church, I went looking to buy a chromecast, which I should have thought to bring with the rest of my toys.  I found the chromecast ok, but got totally lost on the way home.  I walked for about 3 hours before recognizing our neighborhood again.  After a little rest, we decided to get dinner early, about 5:00 pm.  Walked into a restaurant and then right back out after the waiter infoMary at Camp Nou.jpgrmed us that all the restaurants close at 5 and reopen at 9.  I think I read that somewhere and didn’t believe it.

We made  the best of it with leftovers and a visit to a supermaket that was about to also close.  All in all, a tiring day, but one with lessons learned.