Today we relaxed in the morning, just strolling new parts of the neighborhood and scarfing down a croissant or two.  The weather was stellar again, so we took the beach bus to Barcelonetta.  We stared at the yachts of the 1%’ers, walked along the beach enjoying the sun and wind, and ended with a nice glass of “tinto” at a fancy beachside restaurant.  The prices were aimed at the yacht owners, but we managed to afford the house red without breaking the budget.

I made this video at the beach.  (Just a quick note on the videos.  After they play in their window, a selection of other youtube videos will appear. I didn’t make or choose any of them.  Just the first one.)

Now there’s a suffering artist.

There’s a lot of art being performed in the streets.  Here are a couple more.

This guy plays a homemade cello, and it sounds pretty good.


Are these guys the new wave of rock and roll?


We’re looking at tours on  for tomorrow.  Way too much to see and do for just a couple of months.