We had already visited the exterior of the church.  Yesterday, we looked closer.  The entire building is dedicated to Christian symbolism and nature.  

Here is an angelic musician.


These leafy panels are on the nativity side of the church.


Beyond this panel, inside the church, is the cloister.  From the little opening on the lower right of the panel, if you’re not too tall, you can look inside.


Within the panel, you can find wonderful details.

And then, we entered the church.  It’s a terrible cliche, but words fail completely.



This is such an extreme expression of faith.  I was moved, but it also makes me wonder.  Is it only about faith, or is there a tiny bit of doubt at its center?  I think of the grain of sand that becomes a pearl.

I ascended (via elevator) one of the bell towers.


The descent was on foot.


It’s easy to miss details in these surroundings, but I did find some.

At the foot of the table of the last supper, this sinister dog makes me think evil is never far away, even at the holiest moments.


In the cloister are two other representations of evil and temptation.


I found this fish with man’s head particularly disturbing.


This representation of a man in the coils of evil is particularly Spanish.  The round object he is receiving looks exactly like the bombs used by the anarchists in the Spanish civil war.

This last picture is not about windows, or columns, or statues.  It’s about the light in the church.