We seldom hear any sounds from the street except car horns, and luckily, not too many of those.  Saturday morning was an exception.  We heard drums, and sure enough, there was a little parade on the sidewalk.

It turned out to be a parade in support of Catalonian independence, a very controversial topic in Spain these days.  There were speakers and flyers and balloons in the little square by the market.  It was the start of a weekend all about various aspects of pride.

The other big event, and this is huge here, was the soccer match between Barca and Atletico Madrid.  The teams are bitter rivals, and stand one and two, neck and neck in La Liga, the Spanish futbol big league. The streets were full of people wearing Barca uniforms and insignia.

Here are Messi and Neymar arriving at the stadium.


It’s hard to overstate the pride Barcelona has in it’s team.  Camp Nou was full for this match, around 100,000 fans.

All the flags were flying.


The last flag in the video is the flag of Catalonia.  Lots of flags fly at the stadium, but there’s one you won’s see there, though it’s all over Barcelona:  the flag of independence for Catalonia.


Barcelona unites around their futbol team, but independence is a polarizing topic.

This morning we attended Mass at Santa Maria del Pi, and while walking around the old town, we came upon another parade.  This one was against independence for Catalonia.  It originated in government square.


You may notice that the video starts with independence flags hanging in the square, and moves to the flag of Spain being waved by the demonstrators.

Barcelona won the big match, defeating Atletico Madrid, 2 – 1.  Of course, Madrid is the capital of Spain, and there’s a long history of conflict between the two cities, and not just on the soccer field.

No one knows how the latest conflict, the one for independence, will play out.


All of our visitors have returned to the states, and we’re on our own here in Spain again.  It was amazing to have you all here, Rudy, Rebecca, Rita, Frank, and Questella.  Thanks to all for the visit.