Last night we went to the Palace of Music.  The most striking part of the building is the huge stained glass sculpture in the middle of the building’s roof.


To get a sense of the scale, here’s a look from the stage up to the glass.


These sculptures flank the stage.




Our seats were on the main floor, with the palace rising on all sides around us.



Colored light made the statues onstage look eerie.


I really wanted to see this place in its proper context, in a concert.  Often the shows here are classical or Spanish music, but we heard La Locomotora Negra, a uniquely American group of Spanish musicians.  Here’s a sample.


I enjoyed their tour of jazz, though at times it seemed to me they didn’t swing quite as hard as an American band might (of course an American would think that).  However, a surprise was in store.  

The leader of the band introduced each number, so we knew his voice, though he didn’t sing at all until the encore.  Then, he began singing exactly like Louis Armstrong!   It was crazy.  I still find it hard to believe how well he channeled Louis.  He closed the show with this classic.


Nuff said.