Yesterday we took the day off.  I love that on these extended trips we can take whole days to be lazy, relax, and plan the coming days.  Our latest idea is a 3 day excursion to Valencia.  I made an airbnb reservation for 2 nights, and bought train tickets.  Why Valencia?  Well, there will surely be a winter after this one, right?  Valencia has most of the advantages of Barcelona, but it’s a little warmer, and maybe a little cheaper (though we have been pleasantly surprised by the reasonable prices here).  Other than that, we didn’t do much, other than walking around a little, looking for places where Mary might get her hair done.

We walk a lot, in all kinds of neighborhoods, and I’m always looking for picture opportunities.  So, here are some random pics.  These are from old town.




This is a vertical garden created on a fence around a schoolyard near our apartment.



We’ve also been searching out the best beer in Barcelona.  Mary looks content with her pint at Kaelderkold, a place with lots of craft beers, including half a dozen good ones from Denmark.


This is a favorite bar in Sants, not far from us.  Good beer, and great tapas!



This statue of Poseidon is at a little park near Homo Sibaris.  I can never think of Poseidon without smiling about the wonderful little story by Kafka.  I guarantee it’s worth your time to follow the link and read.



And finally, a pic that expresses how it sometimes feels to be an American in Spain.


And yes, there really are wild parrots here competing with the pigeons for bread scraps.

We ended our lazy day by watching the Barca – Valencia game on tv.   We are actually close enough to Camp Nou to hear the fans from our back terrace.


Barca dismantled Valencia’s defense with a 7 – 0 victory.  Not only a lazy day, but a triumphant lazy day!