Being in Spain is no reason not to participate in that most American of annual rituals, the Super Bowl.  Yesterday evening we started the pre-game celebrations in the traditional way, by eating.


I talked Mary into sharing one of these delicious pizzas from Nap, one of our fave places to eat in Barcelona.

Since the actual game took place in the middle of our night, we recorded it on, and this morning, it’s Super Monday.  We’ve managed not to see the final score, and we’re watching the game now, as I write this.  And don’t think that just because it’s morning we’re not partying!


We didn’t just have an extra cup!  We made a whole extra pot!  Mary’s got a pretty good buzz going, though we’re bummed that Carolina is behind 16 – 7.

The Christopher Walken beige socks ad is a riot.

16 – 10, and Carolina has the ball.  #%#@!!  Another penalty.  Punt.  Sigh.

OMG, another season of Survivor.

7:00 left.

Yay!  3 and out for Denver.

5:00 left.  Come on, Cam.

Oh no, no, no, no, no…

Ustvnow strikes again.  Our recording ends with 5 mins left in the game, and hope in our hearts.

Needless to say, our hopes were dashed by the final score.  Way too many mistakes, but congrats anyway to Denver and their fans.  That D was unreal.