We got up plenty early, 5 am, even though the Sants train station is only 3 stops away on the metro.  We were pretty excited, looking forward to a relaxing train ride to Valencia.  We managed to navigate the signs at the station and find the right gate, and that’s when the plan went off the rails, so to speak.  Seems there was a fire at one of the stations, and the only way to get to Valencia was by bus.


Oh well, lemons and lemonade and all that.  We climbed on board and began the journey.



We had plenty of time for goofy pics.



And the Spanish countryside flowed by our window.


This picture shows the half-awake, sort of vague, under-water fatigue I feel on a long bus ride.

We finally arrived in Valencia several hours later than planned, grabbed a cab, and found our airbnb lodging in old town.  Here is a flattering view of our street.


This is the graffiti on the wall to Mary’s left.



And another flattering view of the building we’re in.


Did I mention this is old town?  This part of Valencia was once enclosed by Roman walls. Stuff here is old.  Our building is from about 1858, which makes it a newcomer.

This is the stairway to the apartment.


The beams inside are authentic, not decoration.  The place would fall down without them.


And the wiring is still an afterthought in places.  Electricity is 220 volts here, and I think these porcelain outlets and switches were installed in Edison’s era.


But, the place is pretty comfortable, and extremely convenient.  You can walk anywhere in old town in minutes.  And it has its charms, for sure.


So, this is our home base to explore Valencia for a couple of days.  Now, fair warning!  I ran down the battery on my camera today taking pic after pic of Valencia.  It’s been one pleasant surprise after another, but I’ll go into that in another post.  For now, I’ll let my camera recharge, and end this post with Mary looking quite at home here.



I love my travellin’ girl!