The market here is as impressive as those in Barcelona.  The common design is a huge open space containing many small vendor spaces.  The ones I’ve seen in both cities are airy and full of light.  I think they are also meant to inspire awe.  

Think Grand Central Station, but for produce.



Inside is where the market is most impressive.



At the top, in the center, is a huge glass dome fit for a cathedral.



This video gives an idea of the scale.


The market is alive with people, colors, and smells.


I stood right under the dome, for this 360 view.  And yes, I’m a total geek tourist to do that.


Not far from the market is this lovely square, with flowers we won’t see at home for several more months.


And, of course, the famous Valencia oranges grow everywhere in the city.

We enjoy wandering in old town and discovering the many squares.  Each has its own quirky charm.

This square reminds me of Santa Maria del Pi, the pine tree church in Barcelona.


Pleasant place for coffee and croissants on a sunny Mediterranean morning, no?

I especially love the angel statue.



There are religious statues everywhere, but there are also some fun secular ones.  Here’s a raised map of old town with brail descriptions.



This bathing man gets neither privacy nor respect.


We found this fountain tucked away in a less traveled square.



I think I’m falling for Valencia.