We crossed the foot bridge into  Girona  yesterday morning.


Just across the bridge, the lioness greets visitors to the city.


According to legend, kissing the lioness’s bottom assures you will return to Girona again.  I’d like to come back, but decided to take my chances without the kiss.

Just past the lioness, entering old town, is the cathedral.  98 steps in all.



It’s been the site of a Roman temple, a mosque, and finally (maybe), a cathedral.  It’s in several different styles because of its history and because of how long it took to complete its current incarnation.


The old walled town is very well preserved, with plenty of ancient streets for wandering.



I love this intricate paving.




We walked through the city and along the walls, enjoying the sunny day.



The sixth season of Game of Thrones was filmed in Girona.


Wish I had seen Daenerys Targaryen here, in person.  Not sure I’d notice the dragon.


After Girona, we continued on toward the Costa Brava, but that can wait until tomorrow.  We have to rest up after all that wandering.