After visiting Gerona, we continued on to Pals.  Pals depends very much on tourism, and during off-season, it’s more or less a very beautiful ghost town.









We visited the city on a small group tour with David, a fine guide and driver, who kept us well informed and entertained.  He told us about another guide who, at a bar, exhausted after leading months of tours, suggested that Sagrada Familia be bombarded into dust from the cannons of Montjuic!  I think some others of us may sometimes have felt a similar level of  frustration at work.

After a short stop in Pals, it was on to the Costa Brava, and the Mediterranean.




Sadly, unlike Valencia, it was too cold for Mary to get her feet wet here.


I was on the lookout for beachfront property.


Not too many fixer-uppers on this beach.  Pretty decent view, though.



Here’s my finger and the lighthouse above the beach.



The view from the lighthouse.



The sun was low when we returned to Barcelona, tired and content.