After our Montserrat visit, our tour included a dinner and wine tasting.  It was held at a castle surrounded by a resort, including a golf course, restaurant, and winery.  The food was amazing.

Mary’s main course was lamb with a pear sauce.



I had duck with berry sauce.


After dinner, we strolled by the vineyard.  From here you can still see Montserrat in the distance.


Before the wine tasting we had time to look around the castle.




It’s called Potter’s Castle because the original owner was a potter.  How does it happen that a potter winds up with a castle?  For fighting bravely on the right side, though I’m guessing there was more involved than that story tells.

There were metal sculptures scattered around the courtyard.


As always, I love the details like this clay roof,



and the underside of the roof.



This floor is one of the oldest parts of the castle.



Eventually, we found the wine.



Our guide for the day, Xavier, was very knowledgeable, opinionated and entertaining.  I learned a lot about both Spanish history and how to taste and compare wines.



Remember how our day started?  With the metro strike and barely managing to get to the tour?  When we arrived home after a long day, we were still faced with the problem of getting back to our apartment from the center of Barcelona.  We decided to take a chance on the trains, and wouldn’t you know, we had the quickest, least crowded trip since we arrived.

I guess it was our zen-like state of mind.