Well, anytime you empty out the fridge before a long trip, there are leftovers.  I have  pics I like, but could never fit in.  Here are a few.

I’ve seen lots of high art statues, but I also liked these souvenirs.

Art with personality, about people with same.

I have lots more street art, but I especially like this one.



This is one of my photos as automagically enhanced by Google Photos.  Not bad for a machine.




Back at the start of this blog, I mentioned that our apartment in Hospitalet has a great exercise aparatus.  I’m happy to say that I took full advantage, using the steps everyday.  I made this little movie of one of my workouts.


Here’s where you end up after all that trudging.


After making these silly movies, we had time for one more day of touring, so, we bought train tickets to Taragona to meet another friend and fellow language learner, Jordi.  He works on the high voltage lines that keep the trains running.  We splurged just a little to try riding on the “ave” high speed train.

We rode on a double length “pato.”  



Pato means duck in Spanish.

It’s hard to tell how fast you’re going when you’re onboard the train.  Here’s what the sign said.



That’s around 186 mph.  The trip from Barcelona to Taragona is 71 miles by car.  Our train ride was about 33 minutes.

More about Taragona soon, after we navigate the taxi, airport, and rental car headaches and find our way back to frigid NY.