We left the snow in Endicott around mid-day. Mary’s brother, Michael, generously volunteered to drive us to the Philadelphia airport. When we arrived, as soon as we had put our luggage on the curb outside the airport, a gentleman in American Airlines uniform arrived with a cart, loaded our bags onto a cart, and accompanied us inside. He asked where we were going, collected our passports, and proceeded to check us in and route our bags, then returned with our boarding passes and directions to our gate. Ok, credit where credit is due. I’ve done my share of complaining about airports and airlines, but this was the easiest, smoothest check-in ever. I hope it was not just a reflection of how old I look these days.

We paid a bit extra for better seats this time, since a trip this long is always an ordeal. Here’s how things looked to my right.

And even better, to my left.

We arrived ok, just absolutely exhausted, in zombie-mode. But, we’re here!