Our apartment is exactly as described in the airbnb listing, but of course, many of the details are not apparent until you arrive.  Here is a haunting portrait:

More about that later…

The floors have never been changed from when the building was new.  Where you see a dividing line between different tile patterns there used to be a partition.

The apartment has been opened up, and updated to some extent, but the floors are original and the ceilings are still very high, so the place has an airy, roomy feeling.  It’s also on a corner and has large windows for natural light.

Here’s a very Spanish and quite gory detail.
Our hostess, Magui, also collects images of sea creatures like these.

As usual in old apartments, they didn’t expect to need so many outlets.  Here’s how ours are configured to support some of our abundance of “stuff.”

My guitar survived the trip, and found it’s own seat.
But, my favorite detail is a ceiling fixture created by Magui.  We had just arrived at the apartment when she told us a little of her background.  Her mother had health problems, and she spent a lot of time with her aunt when she was a girl.  Somehow, there was a foliage and a ghost involved, but I was too tired and don’t remember clearly all she described.

So, here, is my dream version of something like what she might have said:

In my aunt’s yard, I climbed a tree to see the house where I used to live with my mom and the branch broke and I plunged to the ground. I lay there stunned. I heard her whisper my name, then through the foliage, felt her cool hands, and then just a glimpse of her face, my mom, pale, but still watching, still caring, even two years gone.

There’s a little magic in this place.