We stumbled into a language interchange last night.  We were in search of a good craft brewery and a quick dinner, and navigated to, Tyris on Tap.  Turns out the bar was hosting a group of gregarious language learners who welcomed us into their intercambio de idiomas.

 The place had good ales, but we really didn’t have time for anything but conversation after joining the group.

There were folks from around the world, and on each table was the flag of the primary language to be spoken at that table.  Mary enjoyed speaking English with someone other than myself, and I struggled with my Spanish at another table.  We had a great time, and saved a lot on beer and food since we were so busy talking.

We were invited to another intercambio tonight at the Cafe de las Horas, and for today’s excursion we set out to find the place.  Along the way, we saw something that’s been rare lately.

Yay!  The sun is out for the first time in about 5 days.

Anyway, we found the cafe, and it’s definitely worth looking for.

Inside it looks like you might find Scott and Zelda having a cocktail.

We had coffees and croissants, as good as we’ve had anywhere.  I especially loved the floors, which are pieced together from tile shards.
Here’s an attempt at one of google’s photo sphere thingys.  Click on the link and then on the little icon in the corner of the picture.  I hope it works right for you.

We’re looking forward to enjoying another language interchange tonight in this beautiful old cafe.
And tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and warm…