Sometimes people at home ask us what do we do here in Spain for months at a time.  Well, a typical day starts with breakfast in the apartment, and we’ve gotten pretty fond of our little Italian espresso pot.  It makes great coffee, never bitter or too strong.  It is espresso, so takes a little getting used to, but I don’t miss the coffee back in the USA at all.

Some days we have big plans for tours or trips, but on a typical day, we’ll arbitrarily pick someplace in the city and navigate to it, usually on foot.  Yesterday we took a long walk to Mestalla, the soccer stadium.  We’re going to a game this Saturday.

The team’s doing badly this season, but going to any La Liga game is worth it for the experience alone.

The walk was quite long, mainly due to the poorly skilled navigator.  Along the way we crossed the Turia by the Torres Serranos.

Here’s a panorama from top of the bridge.

Today we walked to the old Mercado Colon.

It’s another market in Art Deco style, though it’s now home to shops, cafes and restaurants.  Here are a few more pics.

As always, it’s hard to show the size and beauty of this place, but here’s google’s attempt to help with that, a photosphere.

After walking, we grab lunch and a siesta, stroll down to the Turia to enjoy the sun, and later read, or write in the blog, or watch a Spanish soccer game on tv, or go to an intercambio.   We also go to the market most everyday.  With great markets so close, there’s no reason not to buy things as fresh as possible.

So, it’s not hard at all to keep busy.  In fact, the days seem to fly by.