By pure luck, it turns out that Mary’s second cousin is here in Valencia.  By even more luck, Devin is studying music at Berklee, the same school our daughter Aleta attended, though he’s at the Valencia branch, and Aleta studied in Boston.

You can see a hint of some pretty interesting architecture in that picture.  That’s because the Berklee campus is at the City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia’s hyper modern, city of the future area.  We’ve yet to explore here, but here are a few teaser pics.

We met Devin for lunch, and had a great chat.  He’s very, very busy now, working on his Master’s in Performance degree, gigging, and learning Spanish, but he seems to enjoy Spain just as we do.  It was great to meet him, and I’m sure we’ll see him again behind his drums real soon.

In the next few days, we’ll return to the City of Arts and Sciences for a closer look.  Today, after lunch, we headed back home for a rest, because tonight we’re off to Mestalla, the soccer stadium, for the game against Eibar.

Arriba el Valencia!  
        or, in Valenciano

Amunt Valencia!