It’s kind of difficult to watch the big game from Spain, but we’re not really interested anyway.  We did go to a La Liga game last night at Mestalla Stadium.   The seating is steep, and it’s a climb to get up there.  Here’s how the city looks on the way up.

To get to the stadium we took the subway for the first time.  Only four stops, and you exit right in front of Mestalla.  Our tickets said to enter via Tower A, which turned out to be an elevator wrapped by a stairway, wrapped again by a wide ramp.

We walked round and round, up and up, until we reached our seats.  I kept seeing signs that read:

  1. 1.
    each of a series of entrance or exit passages in an ancient Roman amphitheater or theater.
  2. 2.
    a place in which, according to popular misconception, the ancient Romans are supposed to have vomited during feasts to make room for more food.

I guess the first meaning applied, but given how high we were, and Mestalla’s reputation for having nearly vertical seating, I wasn’t sure.

We finally reached our seats, and it is indeed steep, but didn’t bother me.  I’m not speaking for Mary, however.  Click on the picture to see a wider view.

Mary seemed skeptical, but I think she enjoyed the game.

The Valencia team lived up to all we’ve heard, and lost 4-0, but it’s fun to get out to a real game in a futbol obsessed country.

We took the subway back home, and I think they might consider adding a few more cars to the train on game nights.  We’ve been trying to get to know people here, but not as intimately as on that train.  We were the last two that managed to squeeze in.

We’re taking it easy today, thinking about you all back home watching the big game.