I discovered this interesting statue in the Plaza del Poeta Llorente.  What I love is that he’s wearing a sword, but wielding a brush and palette.

Turns out his name is Jusepe de Ribera, a Spanish painter who lived from 1591 – 1652.  I looked up his work, and some is quite grotesque.

There’s so much fascinating history just beneath the surface of things here.  I love this stuff.

Here are a few more of my favorite statues here in Valencia.  I call these two guys the slouching saints.

I have no idea why they’re posed in what I’d call a slouch.

The next two are both focused on high, but for different reasons.

She has her birds, but I’m not sure about him.  Is he taking a long drink, or is that a conch shell?

Here are a few old favorites that I’ve shown before.

Finally, here’s a kitschy statue from a souvenir shop that I love.

Makes my teeth throb a little just to look at him.