I haven’t posted anything for a few days because we have family here and we’ve been busy.  But, I have to post about last night’s adventure.  My brother, Rick, and I went to the Mestalla stadium last night to watch Real Madrid destroy Valencia, but that’s not quite what happened.

First, Zaza, a new member to the Valencia roster made a beautiful pirouetting goal, and the crowd went wild.

Then, still within the first ten minutes, Valencia scored again!

Ronaldo (booooo!!!!!!!)  managed to score on a nice header for Madrid just before the half, leaving the score 2-1, Valencia.  The second half was wild and rough, but neither team managed to score another goal, leaving Valencia the very unlikely winner.

Wow!  The crowd was delirious, and we were hoarse.  We picked the perfect match, and had a great night at the stadium.