Our apartment is in the Botanico nieghborhood, on Botanico street, and today we finally got around to visiting the Botanical Garden.

The garden is gorgeous, well-maintained, and almost completely free of litter, except for the brochure in English that describes it.  We found that on a path at the foot of a tree.

The garden has over 4500 plant species from around the world.  They are in 27 collections such as, Desert, Palms, Ferns, Tropical, etc., and conveniently arranged with paths and benches.  I was impressed by the cactus collection, especially since all the plants seem to grow outside without protection in the normal Valencia climate.

Some plants less well-suited to the climate here are in greenhouses or shadehouses like these.

The original garden was founded in 1567 and was used to grow medicinal plants (there’s still a section devoted to medicinal plants).  It’s location has changed a few times, but has been where we found it since 1802.  Between 1987 and 2000 the garden was completely restored, and is now part of the University of Valencia.

Spring is just beginning here, and the last few days have been warm, with temps in the 70’s, so many of the plants are just waking up from their winter slumbers.

I think we’ve discovered the most tranquil place in Valencia.

Some lazy day soon we’re returning to the Botanical Garden with books and a picnic lunch…