In Spain, today is father’s day, the feast day of St. Joseph.  Families are out everywhere today, and though it’s father’s day, the big display in the Plaza de la Vergin is the huge Madonna, now fully decorated with flowers.

The plaza is immensely crowded.  Elbows and shoulders are required to make any progress.  The large fountain is hardly visible beneath the bouquets.

You can barely make out the head of the bathing man in the background.

We managed to get through the plaza and reach a favorite cafe for some bravas and the local version of chicken wings, and enjoyed a conversation with a young mom and dad and their beautiful little daughter who made us quite homesick for a certain little niece back in the USA.

The city is still partying hard, with mascletas everywhere, as well as little parades, one of which passed by the cafe.

After lunch, we strolled to one of the largest and best fallas in the entire city.

You can get a sense of how big this is from the people at the lower right, and the buildings in the background.  I still can’t imagine how they can burn this thing later tonight.

Here are some more details of this amazing (and very temporary) sculpture.

And now, all that’s left is the crema, or the burning of the fallas.  We came home for a nap, anticipating a long night.

I’ll leave the rest of the day for another post…