Whenever I’m ready to restart blogging, I also rethink how the blog is hosted and maintained.  Mainly this rethink has caused more problems than it’s solved, but this year I have the definitive answer (probably).  I’ve merged the blogs from the last two years, Barcelona, 2016 and Valencia, 2017, into a single blog, where I’ll add the entries from this year in Cadiz, 2018.  We’ll also be travelling to Cordoba and Madrid, and I’m pretty excited about seeing more of Spain and sharing my impressions and pictures with anyone interested.  Feel free to share the link to this site, and of course, ignore the whole thing if you want.  I’ll get over it.

So, all that said,

“¡Vamos a Cadiz!”



PS–I’ve decided to also add some stuff about two previous trips, Costa Rica, 2015, and Ireland, 2014.  This is strictly to keep all of our travel related pictures and thoughts in one blog, instead of scattered around the web.  I’ve also noted a few broken links, spelling errors, etc., that I’ll be fixing as I get time that I don’t want to invest in watching soccer or doing crosswords.