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Wow, we made it!  This was surely the longest, hardest trip we’ve ever made.  Even though everything went smoothly, it was arduous.  Oh, Cadiz is under the little red marker, down by Gibraltar.

We started with a 4 hour car ride from Endicott to Philadelphia.  A big thank-you to Michael, Mary’s brother, who very generously drove us to the airport again this year.  Sure makes our lives much easier!  We arrived plenty early, and the plane had to be de-iced, so it was several hours later that we left for Spain.  The trip was uneventful, but neither of us were able to sleep.

Many hours later, we arrived in Madrid, and again, we had left plenty of time for our connection with a fast train to Cadiz.  We reached speeds of 248 km/hr, which equals 154 mph!  Though we’ve taken the fast trains before, I’m always amazed at the speed and smoothness and comfort.  Even so, it was another 4 hour ride.

The weather in Madrid was quite cold, and we expected lots of improvement on reaching Cadiz.  Nope.  It was a little warmer, but the rain erased any comfort.  We had been advised that it was an easy walk from the train station to the apartment, but with the bad weather, we decided to take a cab anyway.  After loading our bags into the cab, I showed the address of our destination to the driver, who chuckled and pointed at a building about 150 yards away.  We took the cab anyway, and shortly after we got out, we were met by Leta, a friend sent by our airbnb host to help us find our new home, and give us advice and keys.

Every connection smooth as silk, but we were exhausted for sure.  Dinner was a frozen pizza from the corner market, and then, off to bed.

We slept over 13 hours that night…