Everyone wants to get behind a waterfall, right?  In Geneves Park, it’s easy.


One of the stops in our wandering was this botanical park right by the sea.


As we were entering the park, we enjoyed one of my favorite sights in nature, a flock of birds flying together in the sun, so that they flashed different shades and shapes as their direction changed randomly.  Here’s the source:



Pigeon houses, next to a small pond with geese.



The pond is fed by waterfalls.



And the waterfalls flow from a large man-made structure that I’d call a sculpture.  You can look at it, climb on it, and explore inside it, like a cave.



It’s not really very high, just enough to make the waterfalls fun.




The park has some great plants,



but the kid in me was most enthusiastic about the cave and waterfalls.  When we were kids, my brother and I would have loved making up stories and playing on this sculpture.

Outside of the USA, it seems that their is less of a lawyer/lawsuit culture, and people are allowed to take risks on their own responsibility.  But I did find a rare example of overzealous warnings in the park.



It’s been raining for the past two days, so I think people are less concerned about heels and more about water resistance.

Tomorrow is supposed to be dry and sunny!