Sometimes people ask what our days are like in Spain.  Today was a perfect opportunity to take some pictures and visit the Cadiz Museum. as it was the first foggy day we’ve had.

foggy cadiz.jpg

After a quick look at the map we started walking.  Even when we have a destination in mind, we’re always happy to find the little detours that make things more interesting.  The first was this spice shop.


I’ve never seen anything like this.  In the windows, and throughout the store, are piles of spices.


Even from the street, the aromas are delicious.  Inside it’s as intoxicating as any of the bars in town.

We’ve seen a few small demonstrations here in Cadiz, but overall it doesn’t seem as politically active as Valencia and Barcelona.  But we have seen this poster in the streets.


You don’t need to know much Spanish to figure this out.

Just past the poster, is the St. Augustine church.  If the door is open, we normally enter, Mary out of devotion, and me looking for things out of the ordinary.


Open doors, so in we go, and immediately start finding interesting things.


What an unusual pose for Jesus.  I hear, in a tired voice, “Come on, people.  wtf.”

There are several kinds of birds common in churches, especially doves and eagles, but I’ve never seen this.


I didn’t manage to get a very good picture, and I could be wrong, but I think that’s a seagull above the statue.

I love angels, but why is it they so often are stuck holding up heavy columns?




I always try to notice floors in old buildings.  They’re often beautiful and evocative of the people who have walked on them.  How many feet have to walk across these marble slabs before they’re worn smooth like this?


Well, this is getting long, and we haven’t reached the museum, yet.  I’ll save the rest of our foggy Saturday for the next post.