When we reached the museum, these were right across the street.


I have no idea what they represent, but wouldn’t you love to have a couple in your living room?

There was a crowd in front of the main museum, so we went to a branch office.  This place was gorgeous inside, with lots of immaculate white marble, all ready for exhibits that have not yet been added.  However, there were lots of great photos of the history of Cadiz.

I had no idea that Ford had a factory in Cadiz.


In 1923, the factory was the first in Spain.

I generally like food trucks.  The eats are usually good.  Here’s a very early one.


I guess slapstick was popular in Spain, too.


And here’s your crazy cousin that has to be the life of the party.


And I’m sure this picture has been causing joy from the day it was taken.


After we left the museum, we enjoyed lunch outside at a cafe.  The weather is just warm enough.  We watched a soccer game and ate 6 different plates of tapas.  Who knew you could get liver and onions as tapas?  That’s one of those things I always order, and it was dependably good here, too.

We walked home by the ocean, tummies full, in no hurry at all.


Up to that point, the fog was light, but as we reached La Caleta beach, it rolled in thick.


The city looks softer in fog.


Finally, we met an important person we’ve seen on our sea walks several times, the cat lady.


This is her spot, where she feeds the sea cats from canned cat food.   She said that the cats are the reason there is no problem with rats in Cadiz.

So, we started our foggy day with the aromas of spices and teas, and ended it with the scent of tuna, irresistible to sea cats.

And for those who just can’t resist them, here’s one for the road.


Well, that was our day, and we’re tired, and I think we’ll sleep very well tonight.