The climate is mild here in Andalusia, but I didn’t expect to find a garden with roses and irises in bloom.


This garden is in the village of Bornos, and it was the last stop on our day-long tour of the “pueblos blancos”.   Here’s how it looks as you enter.


As you can see, the grounds are carefully tended, and make a great setting for the flowers.

But the flowers were the stars.


As usual, I also like to look for interesting patterns and “stuff”.  Here’s a section of the walkway.


And this is some old tile work.


This is the base of a lamp post.


We spent a generous amount of time enjoying the garden, and as you can see by the shadows, it was getting late in the day.



So, we boarded the bus for the last time, tired and satisfied, ready for tonight’s dreams of the white villages.