For those potential ex-pats out there, I found two candidates for fixer upper this year.   Both are in the white villages, the first in Grazalema.  As they say, location, location, location.  Here is a “comp” house in the same neighborhood.


And here’s the candidate.  (Bear in mind, it is a fixer-upper.)


As you can see, it needs a bit of TLC.  However, after closer inspection, I eliminated it as a candidate.  Peeking through an opening in the facade, it seems there’s little left but the facade.


I was sad to lose such a promising piece of real estate, but I soon found another in the charming town of Ubrique.

Notice how it mimics the classic lines of the flatiron in Times Square.


The foundation seems to need a bit of work.


But it has the character and patina of a fine antique.


So, any takers?   My advice?  This one won’t be on the market long.  Grab it while you can…


(Full disclosure:  I do stand to make a small commission on the sale of this property.)