This is the city museum.


Why with a smile?

I think sometimes museums take themselves too seriously, but the Museum of Cadiz has a sense of humor, and maybe some irony.  Hercules presides over the lobby as you enter.




Turning left, you find the first gallery.



Already, I like this museum.  It’s not hard to find old cannons or contemporary art, but both are more interesting and fun side-by-side.

At the next exhibit, ancient artifacts with contemporary weaving.  I’m starting to see a pattern.



This is a fun museum.  Has me wondering what’s next.



I especially like the painting with this exhibit.



Next is a showcase of young women from the Phoenician era.  Here are two of the statues close up.


And here’s the larger exhibit.



By now, I’m laughing and enjoying both the contemporary art and the artifacts.   Lots of imagination and humor at work here.


Perfect!  Again, both are far more intriguing together than separate.



This contemporary work in this exhibit from the Roman period is pretty startling.  The mess on the tables and floor is broken glass.



The artifact here is basically a casket, or, I suppose it could be thought of as the vehicle for a long journey.



This one surprised me, because the contemporary art and the relic are together in the same glass showcase.



A bit later, we moved from artifacts to fine art, and found the same sense of humor.



This is my kind of museum, lighthearted and fun.

In the next post, I’ll walk through the museum again, but with an angels and demons theme…