Wow!  We just heard on the news this morning that Philadelphia won!  We expected to be hearing the word “dynasty.”  We were snug in bed by game time, though we did watch a game:  Barcelona vs. Espanyol.  That match-up can be pretty fierce, since they’re rivals in the same city.  It was indeed rough, and marred by the heavy rain that made Barca’s short pass game impossible.  They were lucky to escape with a 1-1 tie.

It rained in Cadiz as well, but that didn’t stop the demonstrations.





It seems Sunday is the time for both protests and football, rain or shine.

On our first day here it was raining, and we bought an umbrella that I expected would be a waste of money.  I was glad we had it on Sunday, to get Mary to church, and then the both of us to a bar to watch the game.




We didn’t have the usual Super Bowl fare.  Instead we had Cadiz bar food.



On the left is tuna in a tasty sauce over fried potatoes.  On the right is the Cadiz version of bravas, or spicy fried potatoes.  (Yes, they serve lots of potatoes.)  Tuna dishes are very common here, as are all types of fish and seafood.

Since it was rainy and cold, I spent some time playing with my chromebook, and finally got Android working on it.  That may mean nothing to you, but the short version, as concerns this blog, is that I can make better pictures now.

I have to confess that I took most of the photos so far with my phone.  I think it does ok, for a phone, but my camera is better.  The problem is the camera pics are larger, and my internet connection is slow.  The simple way to handle this problem has been to use my phone, which automagically sends its pics to google photos where I can use the simple editor to fix them before posting.

Anyway, I have a better way now.  Let me show a few examples.













It’s particularly useful to edit pictures taken without flash, as in churches and museums, though on the angel photo I went too far, I think.  Mary’s reaction was that it didn’t look like that in the church, and that opens a whole lot of questions.

  • Which better shows the artist’s original intentions?  Does that matter?  Can we ever know what the artist intended?
  • Is a photo it’s own piece of art, and therefore about the photographer’s intention and not the original artist?
  • What does it mean to be “honest” when taking a photo?  Does it matter?

I like to think about these questions, and I don’t have the answers, so I guess what happens, happens.

Now that we’re talking about photos of art, I’m going to finish this post with pics from our final visit to the Museum of Cadiz.  On our last visit we didn’t get to the top floor which is dedicated to contemporary art.  The museum is open and airy, and you can see to the exhibits below.




Rather than any commentary, I’ll just show some of my faves.



I also particularly liked this group of drawings.




So, that’s it, our Soggy Super Sunday.  I hope you enjoyed yours as well.  Congratulations to the Eagles, and their fans.  I know at least one reader of this blog spent some time living in Philadelphia, and I bet she’s happy today!