Cadiz continued Carnivale madness on Sunday.


We got a better feel today for how the celebration is “organized.”   Groups of friends and neighbors band together to create a theme, costumes, and songs.  The theme can be anything, and the songs often are very satirical and lampoon people in the news, especially politicians.  Smaller groups wander the city giving impromptu performances.


Larger groups travel on trailors.




The groups compete for various prizes, and the best perform on large stages in the main squares.  Our square had no stage, because there’s a workable stage on the steps of a large statue.



As loosely organized and unprofessional as this may sound, these groups are really very good.  Here’s a sample.


There are a couple of other unique things about Carnivale in Cadiz.  First, the whole thing is a family affair.  Kids are everywhere, dressed up and enjoying the party.   There is lots of drinking and craziness, but the kids are respected and protected.  The lack of police is also unique.  By pure luck I was in the right place at the right time to get this picture.



There were remarkably few policemen anywhere to be seen.  As you can see, these cops are enjoying the fiesta along with everyone else.

The party continues into the night…




…and even Orly was dancing in the park.



When we returned to our apartment to try for some sleep, confetti covered the streets.



During the night, the city sends out essential party personnel to make the streets look fresh again for another day of Carnivale.  I hope those heroes get some time to celebrate, too.