Tuesday we spent our last full day in Cadiz.  Mary asked what we should do for the day, and the answer was easy:  spend as much time by the ocean as possible.  This is our place, where we went everyday to watch the waves and tides.


It’s rocky, and the tides gradually cover or reveal the shoals.  The waves get confused here, and run in all different directions until the tide fills the little cove, and the waves pound all the way to the shore.


We’ve never spent so much time by the sea, and things that were revelations for us are probably commonplace for others.  Like how to see if the tide’s rising or falling by looking at the beach.

Mary is so calm and content walking by the beach.  I’m not sure which I enjoy more, watching her…



…or watching the waves.



Between our lingering visits to the beach over our last two days here, we re-visited our two favorite restaurants.  I’ve talked about them before, so I won’t add more superlatives.  Instead, here are their menus, and you can choose your own meal.  I guarantee it will be delicious.

This one’s from La Isleta.



And this menu is from Mama Lilia’s.



The staff at both places is wonderful.  At Mama’s, we left with a bottle of the olive oil they use to make the amazing bruschetta.  We’ll be looking for a source for this back home.



So, we ate very well, and said our goodbyes to the sea cats and gulls…


…and the beautiful city…



…and took one last walk on the beach.




Wednesday we take the train to Cordoba.  It will be hard to leave the ocean…