We arrived in Cordoba Wednesday afternoon, found our apartment, and got ourselves situated.  The new place is comfortable and quiet, and has everything we need.  We’ve been spending our first days in Cordoba just wandering around, getting the feel of the city, enjoying getting lost and found and lost again.  There are so many beautiful places here, it’s hard to know where to start.  Here’s one of the many gorgeous courtyards the city is noted for.


They really are more like city gardens.  Some are used as dining rooms for restaurants.  We have an eye on a particularly pretty one for a future dinner date.

The streets in our barrio are not laid out as blocks.  Instead, they are winding, narrow passage ways that bedevil drivers, and require compact cars and scooters.   Those lucky enough to have a garage parking space have to maneuver forward and back, forward and back, in order to make the tight turn to enter.  Then they swoop hard down to the underground spaces that are just as tight.  I thought LA parking was tight, but this is tighter.

Cordoba is a city that invites walking.  The maze of streets in the old town occasionally open out on beautiful squares, perfect for tapas and wine.


In the newer sections of town, there are some wider, straighter streets, but still very pretty.



If you keep choosing streets that go downhill, eventually you find the river.  This picture is from the new bridge.



From that new bridge you can see the Roman bridge, and make a promise to visit it very soon.



BTW, that’s the bridge in the picture at the top of the blog.

All along the river there’s a wide walkway…



…and many couples have left tokens of their love on the fence.



Wandering back into the city, you might be attracted by this steeple in the distance.



When you reach it, you’ll realize it’s the Mosque Cathedral.  We were in Cordoba last year, and I know this is an incredibly beautiful and historic place worth spending some time and research.  For now, I’ll just post a few pictures.





So, here we are in Cordoba.  I love these first days in a new city, and getting lost is the best part.  It’s easy here, distracted by so many pretty surprises.