We’re taking a day off, so I thought I might write a short geek post.

I took a picture of an intriguing old church, but when I got back from our walk, I had no information about it, and was not even sure how to find it again.  What to do?


Turns out it has a great history starting as a mosque.  How did I find this information from just the photo?

First, using photos.google.com, I clicked the “i” icon to get the information attached to the photo.

Screenshot 2018-02-17 at 10.48.58 AM.png


Next, I clicked on the location marker in the attached map.

Screenshot 2018-02-17 at 10.52.29 AM.png


After zooming a few times, I could work out where to search further.

Screenshot 2018-02-17 at 10.56.08 AM.png


I noticed that there’s a photo for Alminar de San Juan, so clicked on that.

Screenshot 2018-02-17 at 10.59.56 AM.png


Found it!  Now I just had to google Alminar de San Juan for information.  I chose the Spanish Wikipedia and translated the page with google to find the information below.

The minaret was built in the 9th century in Muslim style, but with columns of Visigoth design.  In 1236, Cordoba was captured by a Castilian army, and the mosque was ceded to the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, later known as the Order of Malta.  The former mosque became a Catholic church, and is now a part of the Church of San Juan de los Caballeros.  It has not yet been restored, as you can see by the “catch fence” around it that keeps passersby safe from falling stone.  We found it by our usual careful method:  wandering around.

On the home-front, we’re getting settled in nicely.  We haven’t found a central market here in Cordoba, but within a short walk we can get fruit, meats, bread, vegetables, wine, all the things we need from day to day.  I expect that after a couple more visits to our neighborhood stores, we’ll be regulars.

Somehow, the city seems to have avoided the over-abundance (plague?) of dollar stores in Cadiz.  We actually had to look for one to find the little items where price matters more than quality.  There we found the gasket to fix the apartment’s Italian coffee maker, essential for our mornings.  So, after two failed attempts, we made coffee in-house today.  Now I just have to find the Anise syrup that makes good coffee really fantastic…