Sunday morning there were lots of families with kids in costume walking toward the center of Cordoba.  We moved along with the flow to the huge Plaza de la Corredera, and there we found the Carnival in Cordoba.  So much of the celebration here is about the kids that I just had to start with this adorable little pirate.


It wasn’t just the kids dressed up, but groups of adults dressed in similar costumes and marching in the parade.


Our little pirate enjoyed the clowns from a distance, but soon retreated to mom and dad.



Thor was soon re-assembled…



…and the party was in full swing.


The plaza is the end point of the parade, where everyone gathers to party.  This place is all about the drums.



There was plenty of beer flowing, but it’s more about families and groups of adults acting a little crazy.   We didn’t see anyone who was “in charge” of much of anything.  Everyone seemed to have an idea what was happening and what to expect, and just did what made sense.  It was pleasant chaos, enjoyable anarchy.  There were no corporate sponsors and no illustrious assemblymen.  There wasn’t even a stage with a pa mic, just a sound system big enough to play some dance music for the crowd.  And, unlike what I’d expect at home, there were very few policemen.  I only saw these two, and they seemed pretty casual.



We had fun just wandering through the crowd checking out all the crazy costumes…



…but I think we enjoyed the kids most of all.


Tomorrow we’re signed up for a walking tour of the city.  It’s time to get a little more focus than just wandering…