A tour is a lot like a menu.  It shows you what you can feast on later.  Our first follow-up was to the Museo de Bellas Artes in the Plaza del Potro.  I think it’s mostly coincidence, but we found interesting connections between the art at the museum and various things we saw on the tour.

This is a painting of Columbus leaving the mosque after praying for success in getting funding for his expedition.


He looks the way he looks for two reasons.  First, people are making fun of him, thinking he’s crazy.  Second, he’s being defended by a woman he loves, Beatriz.

The museum building used to be a hospital, and Cervantes’ father worked there as a doctor.  It’s behind the horse statue.



This amazing eagle sculpture is in the museum courtyard.




I thought eagles were the province of American artists, but this sculpture is one of the best representations I’ve seen.

Just inside the museum is another connection with our city tour.  It’s an alternative head for El Gran Capitan statue in the Plaza Tendillas.



This one would look more natural, but that’s not the point, I guess.

The walls of the old hospital were decorated with religious images, most of which are easy to understand.  This one, not so much.



It’s easier to relate to this frail, human Seneca than to the well-fed, confident version we saw on the tour.



As usual, I was on the lookout for the more grotesque items.  This is a convincing shipwreck survivor.



Sometimes things are not obvious without a closer look.  In the center is the flogging of Jesus…



…but if you look closely, the man to the right clearly has his head on backwards.  Not an accident, I think.



Quite often in old paintings I find the most interesting images around the edges.



Looking closer at the painting above, why is this angel holding a wilted flower?



And what is the dragon-like a beast lurking below?



At the top of the next image, the angels at the top seem to be winged heads, very much like something out of a Monty Python animation.  A creature lurks in the margins here, too…



…and an angel seems to be offering a flower to the beast.



The most fun part of this painting…



…is this smiling angel.



But what’s this detail in the detail?



I love dogs…



…but I’ve never seen one that could/would do this.



I’ll end with a more contemporary illustration.  I’d love to listen in on the various conversations at this party.   There are lots of interesting personalities…



,,,but these two stand-out for me.



It wasn’t a big museum, but sure was fun, and the tour connections were a great surprise.