In Spanish, “ayuntamiento” means town hall, and the square around it is often a place of particular civic pride.


The Roman temple sits just above the square.



Town hall is the building to the right of the columns.



On the right side of the town hall building is this emblem…



…which contains various iconic sights in Cordoba: the river, church bell towers, the Mesquita, the cathedral, the Roman bridge, and the mill that I described in the last post.

My favorite building on the square is the Real Iglesia de San Pablo, which actually has entrances on both the Ayuntamiento square and also around the corner.  It’s an odd arrangement that seems to have evolved as buildings were added around the old church.

Here’s the side entrance…



…and some of the details I love so much.



To enter from the front, you pass through this gate…



…past the religious art…



…to the church doors.



So far, we haven’t come by when the doors were open, but I’m sure we’ll get inside soon.  I suspect there will be treasures past those doors.