One of the fun things about staying in Spain for most of the winter is that you’re pretty much forced to do some prosaic things like get a haircut.  This is a minor adventure for someone like me who speaks a little of the language, but not enough to talk about something more or less specialized, like what kind of haircut you want.

This is the place I chose.


I expected to simply go inside and walk back out with shorter hair, but turned out I needed to make a “cita,” an appointment.  I did that, and returned a few hours later for the actual cut.

There were a few unusual things about this haircut.  First, though he doesn’t play, the owner had a classic Gibson resonator guitar in the shop.



He generously let me play around with it a little.  Needed new strings, but a really fine guitar.  I really had no idea what to play.  I wish I could have done an off-the-cuff performance like this.


Though I was the only person there who spoke any English, the sound system was playing all sorts of rock and blues, mostly American, like The Doors and CCR.  The decor was very American, as well.




After a short discussion of what beers I like, the owner brought me a nice cold one to enjoy while Eva did the cutting.  Turns out he also is a brewer, and somewhere on the premises he makes and bottles some fine brews.



Eva encouraged me to take a pull on the bottle whenever she paused.  I was not reluctant.

So, I walked out with an excellent haircut, and lots of fun with the language, the guitar, the beer, and some really friendly folks from Cordoba.




I kind of wish I’d be here long enough to go back…



ps–Can you imagine the ocean of paperwork he’d need to swim through to serve a beer with a haircut in the States?