It’s still raining, so we’ve been looking for interesting things to do inside.  We visited the Museum of Archaeology today, a trip some people would find uninteresting (but not me).

This is an artifact from the first century.  Any idea what it was?


This was the figurehead on the prow of a Roman ship.  In my imagination I can build the whole ship behind it and see it sailing through the Mediterranean.   For me, the attraction of museums is imagination.  Really old things are kind of inherently interesting, but I always love them most when they can spark my imagination.

This is the museum from the outside.



The image on the sign is an actor’s mask from a Roman theater.  The actual mask is inside.



The museum has a much closer connection with the theater.  It’s actually built over a Roman theater.  Here’s what’s in the museum’s basement.



The theater is similar to the one in Cadiz, but less excavated and not as well preserved.  Building the museum over this site, mixing modern and ancient, is something we’ve seen all over Spain.

Inside are artifacts of all types.  Here’s a pre-Roman lion that guarded a grave site.




This is another image with lions, this one from the Christian era.  Do you recognize the Bible story?



It’s Daniel in the lions’ den.

The next statue would be a great addition to the barber shop I visited recently.  Who wouldn’t want a coif like this?



The curly-headed man is anonymous as far as I know, but you may recognize the horse in this Roman mosaic…



…or these dangerous characters, Mars and Vulcan.




I know of some very close couples (including some that read this blog), but none closer than this sculpture of Jupiter and Juno.




Most of the items in the museum were older than those in “La Anunciacion,” but none were more beautiful.



I’ll end this post with one more puzzle.  What’s this?



In case the print on the label was too fine for you to read, here’s how these pieces were used.



There was a time when I used pieces like these everyday.  These days I prefer a game even more ancient:  Go.  Wanna try it?  Go here.  It’s good for a rainy day.

We’re hoping for the weather to improve soon, while staying thankful that we’re not shoveling the snow that’s falling back home.