We’re not huge sports fans, but there are two things we like to follow:  March Madness and La Liga, the Spanish soccer league.  In Spain, when you want to see a soccer game, you go to a bar, and we’ve found a good one called “La Barberia.”

la barberia

Doesn’t look much like a bar, right?  Not like a barber shop either, though you can see the barber pole near the center.  I think the place was once an upscale residence that became home to a barber shop, then took its current form as a bar/restaurant.  Here’s the come-on-in sign outside.



It’s not a fancy place at all, but very, very friendly and welcoming, and the tv in the back room is tuned to La Liga.  For a good game, like the recent showdown between Atletico Madrid and Barcelona, there’s a loud crowd expressing their opinions on every play.  There’s always some risk in cheering for Barcelona.  There’s a forever rivalry between all-things Madrid and all-things Barcelona that’s expressed very directly in the football stadiums.  There are other Barca fans here, but I think we’re outnumbered by the Madridistas.

One thing both sides agree on is the “Carnes a la Brasa” at the Barber Shop.



OMG, even better than the come-on sign!   Hot off the grill and totally delicious.  More than you should eat, and nearly more than you can eat.  That plate of steak, a loaf of fresh bread, and three beers cost 19 euro.  The game’s a free bonus.

We’ve also been watching March Madness, which really helps with all the rainy days we’ve had.  It can be hard to watch American tv in Spain.  For example, you can watch March Madness via the internet, but that’s only if you’re in the USA.  No go in Spain.  For the geeks out there, here’s how we manage it.  Our apartment has a good, reasonably fast internet connection.   Not all do, but we got lucky here.  I connected an Amazon stick to the tv, and added the Kodi app.  I subscribed to the 3 month cheapo introductory deal from USTvNow, then added the USTvNow app in Kodi.  Done.  Works.  A slate of tv channels direct from central PA, including ESPN, all the networks, Discovery, etc., as well as full DVR support (the time differences make this important for March Madness).

So, as I write this, we’re watching the sweet 16 game between Kansas State and Kentucky.  Syracuse plays later.

High on our list of must-dos before we leave Cordoba:  go back to La Barberia one more time for another big plate of grilled steak.