Craft beer is not as popular in Spain as in the USA.  You have to make a little effort to find a good IPA, but in a big city like Madrid, it’s pretty easy.


Of course, in Malasaña, half the fun is getting there.


The streets are reliably crazy, and new oddities appear daily.


I bet this was an interesting event.



Here’s a somewhat mixed message plea for social justice (or something like that).


It’s not all absurdity in the streets.  There are also some very high-class performances.


Along with all this enjoyable wandering, we did find three credible craft beer bars…


…with decent selections.


After one or two (ok, maybe three) IPA’s, I was tired and ready to find our way back to our little apartment, when I thought I saw this.



No way.  I must be seeing things.  Who would actually check into the Kafka Hotel?  Most people would be shocked to find a bug in their hotel room, but at this hotel maybe you wake up and you are the bug.



We hurried past and made it safely home.

Maybe that extra IPA was a bad idea.