Still Life with Cold Meds

We ended last year’s Spain trip with bronchitis, which began with a cold and congestion.  This year, instead of waiting, I compiled our symptoms in Google Translate (“los síntomas son tos, estornudos, congestión nasal y sinusal, pero no dolor de garganta ni fiebre”), and walked to the farmacia for some meds.  We also stocked up on fruit loaded with vitamin C.

still life with cold medicine

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One of the fun things about staying in Spain for most of the winter is that you’re pretty much forced to do some prosaic things like get a haircut.  This is a minor adventure for someone like me who speaks a little of the language, but not enough to talk about something more or less specialized, like what kind of haircut you want.

This is the place I chose.


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River Walk and Roman Bridge

Now that we’re pretty comfortable with directions and getting around the city, today we walked the few “blocks” to the river.  I say blocks, but there’s really no concept like that here.  I mean it only for distance.   Anyway, we often do the river walk at home, and today we did the river walk Cordoba style.  We strolled the wide paved walkway above the river’s edge to the Roman bridge.


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Tour Follow-up: Columbus, Seneca, and el Capitán

A tour is a lot like a menu.  It shows you what you can feast on later.  Our first follow-up was to the Museo de Bellas Artes in the Plaza del Potro.  I think it’s mostly coincidence, but we found interesting connections between the art at the museum and various things we saw on the tour.

This is a painting of Columbus leaving the mosque after praying for success in getting funding for his expedition.


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